eli5 urban dictionary

When people come into the office, just one quick non-invasive sniff, allows me to determine important characteristics…like if they had anything good for breakfast, own any pets (pet owners are the best!) or if they stepped in anything on the way in. (It’s sort of like me conducting a first job interview.) I generously share my tummy because I know people like to give it a good scratch. I always give kisses, whether one is feeling lonely or not.

eli5 urban dictionary

Facebook Chat is perhaps the most well-known version of IM still around. eli5 urban dictionary A simple shorthand response when someone corrects someone else online.

eli5 urban dictionary

The term “ELI5” was integrated into the Urban Dictionary a month after. A unique visitor is an individual website visitor who is counted only once in the traffic stats, regardless of how many times they visit or pages they view. Share of Voice is the percentage of all the online content/conversations about your company compared to the content/conversations about your competitors.

What does BTW mean sexually?

BTW – By the way. 13. Beside above, what does 78 mean sexually? CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 78.

The cash-out refinance can be one of the borrowers’ best options. It gives the borrower all of the benefits they are looking for from a standard refinancing, including a lower rate and potentially other beneficial modifications. With the cash-out refinance, borrowers also get cash paid out to them that can be used to pay down other high rate debt or possibly fund a large purchase.

“interest Convergence”: White People Only Give Black People Opportunities And Freedoms When It Is Also In Their Own Interests

When you tell someone goodbye, you usually just say “bye.” This is a shortening that was created to save time since the word “goodbye” is so common. The English language is always changing, though at a slow pace. The language changes almost every day, as sayings, images and videos “go viral” . You might come online one day to see everyone sharing a new picture, or see a new saying that you’ve never seen before. Since so much of our communication today happens online, the Internet has developed almost its own language. This language is even more casual and has many abbreviations . IVY has a long-proven track record of excellence, and I’m proud to be able to help carry on that tradition.

What does OK Boomer mean?

“OK boomer” is a catchphrase and meme used by teenagers and young adults to dismiss or mock attitudes typically associated with people born in the two decades following World War II, known as baby boomers.

And I’m always happy to share someone’s meal, especially if they’re trying to lose weight. My pack describes me as being engaging, amusing, and entertaining. (When I hear a siren, I “sing” along and it makes them laugh.) NPR eli5 urban dictionary talks about the benefits of having a pet at the workplace. Studies show petslower stresshormones and improve morale and productivity. I wholeheartedly agree that a dog in the workplace is the best thing since rawhide bones.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In July 2020 “Whitefish Karen” was arrested after a video of her, unmasked, showed her coughing intentionally in people’s eli5 urban dictionary faces after being asked to put on a mask. “Kroger Karen” stood in front of a Black woman’s car to block her from leaving a Detroit grocery store parking lot while she called police to report that the woman’s child had stood on a shelf to take down an item too high for the child to reach.

Is KK rude?

According to Urban Dictionary: “Importantly, using ‘kk’ instead of ‘Okay’ avoids any suggestion of sarcasm or doubt. There are lots of ways of inflecting Okay. kk is just pure acknowledgement; your message is received.

Eight Big Reasons Critical Race Theory Is Terrible For Dealing With Racism

You might think of it as a form of online market share. Tools like Social Mention can help in discovering your Share of Voice. SaaS companies provide services via software either online or downloaded to your computer. Twitter has added native retweets into their app, so whenever you eli5 urban dictionary spy an RT in your timeline now, that user has manually added the RT. For best practices, retweets are to begin with “RT @username” followed by the original tweet. Many people choose RSS as the way to keep up with the latest blog posts from their favorite blogs, via a feed reader.

Unique pageviews goes a step further and counts only the pageviews of unique individuals . Similar to F2F, this abbreviation can refer to an in-person meeting, eli5 urban dictionary as opposed to an online get together. Also, P2P can come up in a business arena as a way of distinguishing a type of network, tool, meeting, or event.

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This can be particularly beneficial when rates are low, or in times of crisis, such as Covid-19, when lower payments and some extra cash can be very helpful. In the real estate world,refinancingin general is a popular process for replacing an existing mortgage with a new one that typically extends more-favorable terms to the borrower. By refinancing a mortgage, you may be able to decrease your monthly mortgage payments, negotiate a lower interest rate, renegotiate the number of years, modify periodic terms, remove or add borrowers from the loan obligation, and potentially access cash.

Black Pill

  • Critical Race Theory is completely against the common-sense idea that race becomes less socially relevant and racism is therefore diminished by not focusing on race all the time.
  • Where liberalism spent centuries removing social significance from racial categories once it had been introduced in the 16th century, Critical Race Theory inserts it again, front and center.
  • In Critical Race Theory, every person has to be understood in terms of the social groups they are said to inhabit, and these are determined by their identity, including race.
  • All of these ideas implicate racially privileged people in racism anytime they disagree with Critical Race Theory.
  • Thus, racism has to be made relevant in every situation where racism is present, which is every situation, as we saw in point #1 above, and it has attached incredible amounts of social significance to race and how it factors into every interaction.
  • Critical Race Theory isn’t just against free societies and the individualism that enables them, but it also doesn’t even believe individuals meaningfully exist at all!

“San Francisco Karen” called the police to report a Filipino man stenciling “Black Lives Matter” on a retaining wall on his property. “Bunnings Karen” threatened to sue the Melbourne, Australia, hardware store Bunnings for requiring her to wear a mask. There has also been considerable debate about whether the term is sexist, with Hadley Freeman argued that use of the meme has eli5 urban dictionary become less about describing behavior than controlling it and “telling women to shut up”. The meme carries several stereotypes, the most notable being that a Karen will demand to “speak with the manager” of a hypothetical service provider. Other stereotypes include anti-vaccination beliefs, racism, excessive use of Facebook, and a particular bob haircut with blond highlights.

What does RBN mean in slang?

an acronym for ’round ’bout now’ or ‘right ’bout now’ obviously used for text messaging/social media. Source: urbandictionary.com.

Social Media For Small Business: A Guide For 2021 And Beyond

As mentioned, borrowers have a multitude of options when it comes to refinancing. The most basic mortgage loan refinance is therate-and-term, also called the no cash-out refinancing. With this type, you are attempting to attain a lower interest rate or adjust the term of your loan, but nothing else changes on your mortgage.