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They talked very speculatively. Horny man In addition yohimbe and viagra, Tai Ao had that temperament.Feelings are secretly born.At the beginning, Tai Ao also restrained.After all, Nv Deng is Shao Dian s wife, and it is most likely Chu Tiankuo s future mother.If Chu Tiankuo wants to reincarnate, most of it will be cast into Nv Deng s belly.What can you do with your friend s mother However, Tai Ao has been waiting for more than 20 years.For such a long time, I have never heard of the birth of a new son in Shao Dian.If no new son is born, it proves that Chu Tiankuo has not reborn.After waiting like this, I still don t know when to wait.Too Ao is a bit impatient, and an evil thought is born in his heart.Since Shao Dian is not having a child, I will help you with life.I can t be your master.Be your father, right So, almost five years ago, on a stormy night with lightning and thunder, Nv Deng once again came to Tai Ao, and Tai Ao couldn t hold back the sound of the waves.The relationship between the two lasted for more than a year.Three years ago, Nv Deng was pregnant, and Emperor Shaodian finally had a queen.Tai Ao can be said to be overjoyed.After waiting for more than 20 years, he finally waited until this moment.
Why Isn t it hard to say Su Hang straightened his face make a penis bigger, his voice was a bit stern, You all know everything about me, do you still have the courage to hide from me The two women were terrified and trembling when they heard this. Best male testosterone supplements Bai Lingdao, Return to the gods, since the Supreme Emperor abdicated, he has been practicing in seclusion.We have never seen it before.As for the others, we don t know Seeing these two girls were so scared, Su Hang shook his head.I m afraid I really don t know anything, and it s a bit of a shame to embarrass the two little girls.At this time, Du Juan spoke, However, I heard that the Supreme Emperor does not seem to be in this palace.Bai Ling looked at the cuckoo at once, as if to warn him not to say more.Du Juan hurriedly fell silent and lowered his head.Su Hang looked at the two women with interest, Say it, continue to say, what am I afraid of Is there anything else you have to hide from me The two women shook their heads quickly, Bai Ling said, Actually, what are you afraid of This is not a secret.We only heard that the old man Taishang had acquired something in his early years.After that, he passed the throne to his majesty Yu.He went to practice in seclusion.
Xue Qihe Ao Su er got the qualification to enter the regular class. How to make sex power Everyone got a badge with an oracle bone dao on it rhino sex pill, surrounded by dragon patterns, very textured, but Su Hang s badge is purple and gold, while Xue Qi s two are silver.Don t get rid of the school badge.This is not just a status symbol.It can also protect you from walking in this void world from the erosion of dark matter energy and the strong gravitational force.To the elite island, Zhou Ming said to Su Hang three people.After hearing this, the three Su Hang touched the badges on their chests.This thing must be preserved.The horror of the void world can be experienced even without thinking about it.Suddenly came to a strange, unfamiliar place, changing anyone, would be frightened, step by step.By the way, I forgot to tell you one thing.Stepping on the Elite Island, Zhou Ming stopped suddenly and turned to look at Su Hang.Huh Su Hang looked at Zhou Ming suspiciously, Senior please say.Zhou Ming said, The time flow in this void world is not the same as the time in the universe.Why is it different Su Hang asked.It feels a bit bad.Zhou Ming said, The flow of time in this void world is much faster than cosmic time.There is no day and night here.
This scene is shocking. Herbs to decrease libido Not only Alex sex can, but even everyone in the audience did not see what was going on.In their eyes, Suhang didn t move in the original seat, and Alex flew out.But outside of Suhang s space time ability, what they saw was another scene.They only saw Su Hang move slightly, and came to Alex s face to read 310.He punched Alex hard in the chest and knocked Alex into the air.Then it went back to the original position.This trick.It can be said that they are all flaws, and Alex has no defense at all.It can even be said that Alex is completely blind, and he has not seen Suhang s move at all.This battle, it can be said, is really weird.Until Alex lay on the ground and vomited blood, no one could believe that this was the case.Alex actually lost, and he was so ridiculously defeated Su Hang slowly stood on the edge of the ring, using Alex s condescending expression just now.Looking at Alex and others below, I said, you are not my opponent, in order to save time, you guys, let s go together.Arrogance, it is too arrogant.Alex received a punch from Su Hang, and he was already hurt.When he heard Su Hang s words, he spouted another mouthful of blood.Qiu Manshan and Yuanfeng.Hearing Suhang s provocation at this moment was also furious, however, he saw Alex s defeat.
There must be something strange in it. Men small dicks The old men looked at each other increasing penile girth, and their expressions were completely dumbfounded.Are you sure you haven t gone out The expressions of several old men became serious, and Mian Kuang asked Su Hang very seriously.Su Hang wanted to cry without tears, What have I done myself, don t I know it myself Apart from sleeping, I just meditate.It s too late to hide.How can I go out Who was that person just now Looking at each other, their brows wrinkled.That person Who When Su Hang heard this, he looked at the four old men strangely.Half an hour ago.At the entrance of the Dragon Palace Hall, the Dragon King put down the ring, and the whole hall was full of people.The young masters who came from the Sihai Sea and the Great 6 almost squeezed the Dragon Palace.Above the stone steps, the North Sea Dragon King sits in the center, next to Dragon Mother and Ao Xue, the heroine of this martial arts contest.Today s Ao Xue is dressed in tight white clothes, adding a bit of sassy heroism.The first beauty in the world, with a reputation spreading far and wide, there is an endless stream of family seekers from all over the world.In order that no one can be guilty, Ao Guang, the dragon king of the North Sea, came up with such a bad idea to compete with each other and choose the best one as his son in law.
It was a corpse of King Kong does masturbation affect penis size, and he had some friendship with Su Hang. Better than viagra wonder pill I had a chance to escape tonight.If we really get entangled, we are afraid that none of us can run away.When he said this, Lian Zhuxin had a lingering fear.Bai Ran s face was even more green, and the three words Vajra Corpse alone were enough to make him feel terrified.The Vajra Corpse was the natural enemy of ghost repairs.In the eyes of King Kong Corpse, ghost repairs had only one image, that is food.In this way, this person can t provoke even more.Zhuang Tianhu and that Su Hang seem to have a good relationship.Now Mengshan is gone.I think it would be better to give Zhuang Tianhu a little bit of benefit.With this Su Hang, it is better for us in the ghost world to have a good relationship.Bai Ran said.Lian Gou nodded slightly, Zhuang Tianhu is outside, tell him to come in, let s discuss and discuss.Chapter 358 The ancients are so naive This night was destined to be a restless night.Many of the Profound School sects who had received help from the Heavenly Master Dao were watching.When they heard the news of the defeat of the Ghost Realm, they would be shocked. .However, at this moment, Su Hang, who was the hero who shook the ghost world back, was worried about where Long Ze would take him.