Many college students suffer
from Mental Health Problems. They spend their college life under immense stress
and pressure. The main reason behind this is either they want to compete with
other students or they have pressure from their parents or teachers to achieve
high grades.

Some of the main types of mental
health problems are:


This is the most common and serious
mental illness that every third person suffers during their college life.
Clinically, it is caused by imbalance in chemicals present in our brain. If left
untreated, it can lead to some serious health damage andeven suicide. These are
some of the symptoms you can see in the person suffering from depression:

Person loses interest in some of his favourite activities.

Feel sad.

Has pessimistic approach to everything and everyone.

Person feels helpless and loses all hopes.

Changes in weight and eating habits.


Lack of concentration.

Feeling of anger, frustration or guilt.

Thoughts of previous failures.

Feeling of leaving this world or dying.

One should consult a psychiatrist if
he or she is suffering from any of these symptoms. Depression can be managed if
provided with appropriate support, care and treatment.

2. Anxiety/Panic

Second most common illness suffered
by college student is Anxiety or panic attacks. This happens when person takes
too much stress and it starts alteringhis daily activities. Some of the
symptoms seen in person suffering from Anxiety are:

Feeling of something wicked is going to happen.

Excessive stress.

Irritated easily.

Stress diarrhoea or stomach pains.

Deprived concentration.

Muscular pains.

Increased heart rate.

Excessive sweating and trembling.

Shortness of breath.

Repetitive headache.

College students suffering from any
of the aforementioned symptoms should not be ignored.They should be provided
with support and treatment which can help them overcome their stress and fears.

. Eating

This is another most common mental
illness suffered by college students. In this illness, either the person
suffers from starvation or from binge eating. Some of the symptoms seen in
individuals suffering from Eating disorders are:

Excessive weight gain.

Poor body figure.

Poor water intake leading to dehydration.

Increased heart rate.

Craving to eat more than usual.

Over exertion and exercise.

These symptoms if left untreated can
lead to life threatening disease conditions like heart attacks, kidney damage
&abnormalities inmenstrual or reproductive cycles in females.

4. Excessive
consumption of drugs and Alcohol

Both Drugs and alcohol is extremely harmful
and can lead to life threatening conditions. Many students consume this to
relieve their stress but if it becomes an addiction, then it can lead to

Attention deficit.

Anger and anxious without any reason.

Sudden change in daily activities.

Alteration in physical appearance.

Weight gain or loss.

Sadness and stress.

These symptoms if left untreated, can
lead to some vital organ failure and even death.

There are several organizations whose
main aim is to help the students deal with these mental conditions and have a
peaceful and stress free college life.

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