Super exciting news! Olay and the Go Mighty team are gifting me one of my life list goals. Namely, discovering 10 cool places in my city. You all, this couldn’t come at a better time because my family has been a little ho-hum about discovering new places and setting off on adventures as of late. You see, we are deep in a home renovation right now. (DEEP deep. Like, we move in less than three weeks, and have 7,546 more things to do before then. Help.) The biggest adventure my kids have been on since we closed on our house in early September has been a trip to the paint store. Sad, but true.

However, not for long! Once we move into our newly renovated home in December and get settled, this life list goal is ON. No more weekends filled with contractors and floor samples…nope, this family is going to hit the road and take in everything there is to offer in our hometown of Newport Beach, California. Stay tuned for lots of updates with (hopefully) lots of smiling faces come January!