I’ve been a resident of coastal Orange County for 10 years – OF COURSE I’ve been to Balboa Island on several occasions. However, do you know what I haven’t done on Balboa Island?

Procured an original frozen banana.

(There’s always money in the banana stand!)

Well, we hit up the island for a delicious banana, and ended up spending most of the day exploring. The weather was gorgeous, the harbor was beautiful as always, and in true kiddo fashion, my kids somehow found the most stacked toy store in Newport Beach.

(I think the toy store beat out the banana stand. Bygones.)

It was a great day, and once again, exploring my town with my family reminded me why we pay an arm and leg to be here. It’s so easy to get stuck in the daily rut and not take advantage of the amazing amazingness of coastal Orange County. So thankful to Olay for giving us the little push we needed!