Whether it is a job interview or meeting someone important, your first impression plays an important part in either creating your positive or negative image. It totally depends on you how you present yourself in front of others. The first impression is the everlasting image  so everyone tries to make it the unforgettable one in the positive manner. 

In this article, we are going to provide you some tips for making the perfect first impression. 

• First of all, try to be original you. There is no need to make a fake image of you. What you are, show it with confidence and try to make yourself a better person if you want to be loved by the people around you. Instead of working hard on showing the positive image, focus on how to make a good connection with everyone. When you will focus on building a strong relationship, your impression will automatically create the positive impact on the other person. 

• Your confidence level is the major source of attraction. How much you are confident in your words, your positive body language, and the overall positive behavior are what all matters. Your seriousness about any topic when discussing it with any person for the first time may help you in creating your positive impression. 

• Your smile is one of the best gifts you can give to someone. Meeting with everyday people in office or gym with a warm smile is something most valuable. Greeting people with smile creates the positive and lasting impression; therefore, always try to meet people with a smile on the face. 

• When meeting with any person for the first time, it is essential to list down some questions to ask and note some talking points. By asking, you may get all the clarifications about the person and also get a chance to show who you are. For an interview, it is also required to collect some information about the company to show the interviewers that you are well prepared and much interested in working with the company. Also, if required, prepare some questions to ask about the business of the company to show your full interest.

• Set the clear motive for your meeting. What you want to achieve through meeting with any particular person. You can also set your intention when going for the interview. Your clear motives will help you in presenting yourself accordingly in front of the meeting person. 

• Your presentation also plays an important part in creating either positive or negative impact on others. Your outfit must be appropriate and according to the context of the meeting. If you are going on a date, try to wear the outfit by keeping the likes and dislikes of the meeting person in mind. If you are going for an interview, select the professional outfit to enhance your personality.

• Reaching on time to meet the person is also very much important. Therefore, prepare yourself before the meeting date to reach on or before time. If you are going to meet any special person for the first time, the selected meeting place will also play its part in making your first impression either good or bad. 

• Active listening is also important. Listen carefully what the other persons are saying to you. Respect and value their viewpoints to make your impression great. 

• Always try to make your first encounter valuable and appealing. Along with active listening, always try to speak by considering the interests of the individuals. 

Finally, the first impression is the last impression; therefore, it is required to make it impactful by considering the above-mentioned points.

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