A plagiarist doesn’t wrong anyone
as much as he wrongs himself. He limits his capacity for thinking beyond a
certain extent bounding him into self-built restrictions. Even after hours on
pondering, he cannot come up with any idea of his own as he now becomes
dependent on others works and ideas. His mind becomes empty

.Even if you get some ideas, you
are no longer able to convert them into words as plagiarism has left you
worthnothing. You find yourself lacking the ability to form simple sentences on
your own as you have become used to copy and paste. You have, in short,
impaired yourself.

Everyone possesses a unique way
of writing. Since plagiarism has made you start thinking from another person’s
point of view, you have, as a consequence, lost your identity and
individuality. You might be a greater and a more compelling writer, but you
have surrendered yourself to the mind of others.

What can be more detrimental to
one’s mental health than believing that his mind is a useless piece of trash?
You fear that you will end up with a blank page if you don’t plagiarize. It’s
the only easy way out you find out of your insecurities. This is what
plagiarism does to you.


Even if it is not intended, you
still are hurting the person whose work you have stolen. It takes whole lot of
hard work to come up with a unique idea. You have got no right to steal the
idea, just like that. You can become a cause of their insecurities and they
will always fear their work’s safety when writing the next time. This is morally
and ethically illegal and inhumane. Plagiarism is a crime in the world of
writing. If it is not a serious crime for you, than no other can either be.


When plagiarism is caught, the
culprit can be expelled straightaway.

Many schools, colleges and
universities have highly strict rules and regulations regarding maintenance of
one’s individuality, and hence give no ear to any excuses on plagiarism. Either
the student’s assignment gets F or he is suspended for a week or so.

If your published book has
copyright infringement, then you can be jailed too.On a professional level,
bosses hardly bear plagiarism and penalties are severe according to the amount
and time plagiarism has been done. Either the employee is fired at pronto, or
he is not given his wage for that month.


A plagiarist not only loses
respect in his eyes, but also in eyes of the others. Teachers start suspecting
the students more often and his image gets ruined. They cannot trust him
anymore therefore it’s a bigger loss than considered. Similar is the case with
a professional writer, it’s too difficult for him to get anything published
again. He is not assigned of critical projects as he was before. If he is fired
then getting hired by another firm seems beyond the bounds of possibility.


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