- Hey, I’m throwing a party in Melbourne, can you come?

- Seriously? I just moved to Melbourne a month ago, of course I’ll come!

Jordan of Oh Happy Day already lived her dream for a year in Paris in 2011, when I had helped as her assistant briefly during my exchange year abroad. The next country on her list was Australia and she has always been telling me how she would love to visit soon, so how cool was it for GoMighty to send her this way? How lucky is she?!

One of the things Jordan wanted to do for this all-too-quick trip was to throw a party. Yes, I would love to help out! The newly opened West Elm Melbourne provided the perfect setting for the event. The lush green foliage palette complemented Jordan’s warm bright candy sunset colours perfectly. Can I just live here, please?

We got the welcome wall ready, with cute little badges for the attendees to keep as souvenirs. A photo wall was set up, and a typewriter poet was ready to conjure up personal poems on the spot for you. Eliza the poet tapped me a sweet paragraph of a summer loving, salsa dancing girl, with a big red, red, heart. Aww, thanks!

Of course no good parties are ever complete without fabulous foods – this was no exception. A bountiful array of bite sized nibbles left no one hungry, though everyone kept going back for more. I especially enjoyed the semi-soft cheese and sweet cranberry duo in tiny buns. Sparklies and sodas allowed us to smoothly network around the crowded West Elm store – the West Elm team made sure the bubbles never stopped fizzing, and the chatter never ceasing.

On top of all these lovely foods, was the one true masterpiece of the evening: a super long dream rainbow cake, laid across two tables in the hallway. There was certainly plenty to go around! Little pieces of rainbow inside white cloud icing; they were pretty to look at and light to the taste, and thankfully not overly sweet. Jordan expected us to scream out as the cake was cut.

- Isn’t that what Aussies do?

- Where ever did you hear that, Jordan?!

Thank you GoMighty and West Elm for the event. Not only was I able to assist and attend an amazing design blogger’s party, it also allowed me to catch up again, albeit fleetingly, with a lovely and creative friend :)