This cake. This cake instantly became my dream birthday cake the moment I stumbled upon it in all its layered, colorful glory on the internet one day. I had my heart set on consuming it one way or another, whether that meant visiting the Momofuku MIlk Bar in New York or ordering it from their online store. When I realized that neither option is financially feasible for me at the moment (did you know that ordering a cake online costs more to overnight ship than the cost of the cake itself?? I learned this.) I turned to the internet. Lo and behold, dozens of other bloggers had shared their recipes and photos and experiences making it! I immediately resolved to just make it for myself. 

I spent the next several weeks reading the recipe fully (a helpful rule of thumb i’ve learned the more cooking and baking I do) and gathering all the specific supplies and ingredients (glucose, a cake stand from Goodwill, imitation vanilla extract to give it the boxed funfetti flavor.) I invested a lot of my time and my energy into this cake. A part of my soul went into this cake.

It took a couple of days of prep and setup until I could assemble the finished product. Crumble (or as I referred to it, crack) had to be baked, layers had to soak in vanilla milk mixture and layers had to set in the freezer overnight. 

Day of my birthday I was stressed out about having enough cake for everyone that came over for brunch. HA. This cake was basically as tall as a small child. It was plenty, and everyone loved it. 

Dream cake success!