Okay, I haven’t actually fallen off the bike. Yet. This goal has been almost two years in the making for a few reasons. Last year my daughter was only 7 months old when the summer came around. Being new parents, we were super nervous about the idea of taking her in a bike trailer and worried we would inevitably crash and damage her for life. Then I got pregnant, and my willingness to do ANYTHING physical pretty much went out the window. 

Fast forward to this summer: my older daughter is now 21 months and my second daughter is 4 months. We were determined to go bike riding this summer! Last week we finally figured out an arrangement that allows us to go bike riding with both girls as a family. We picked up a bike trailer and one of those seats that go on the back of your bike. We plopped our older daughter in the seat, and my husband figured out a way to strap our younger daughter’s car seat into the bike trailer. We took our first ride together as a family and it was AWESOME! We plan to ride a lot this summer with the girls, especially now that they both seem to really enjoy it. 

Before this week it has been about 2 years since I had ridden a bike. How embarrassing is that, haha. I’m a bit wobbly and kind of panic when we go around a corner (I’m convinced I’ll fall over every time), but it’s still really fun. We’re dreaming of upgrading our old mountain bikes to some nice cruisers eventually , since well probably only ever be cruising for the next few years. So, all in all, I managed to get my butt back on a bike! Yay!