My house is a house that is 100% pro-cookie. We support everything and anything that is cookie. We like everything from a classic chocolate chip cookie to iced sugar cookies to biscotti to chocolate crinkles. If it’s a cookie, chances are we will like it.

I have my collection of go-to cookie recipes that I almost have memorized. They’re the standard cookie fare – chocolate chip, ginger snaps, sugar cookies, shortbread, etc. Ones that are great for just making one afternoon when you just feel like some warm cookies and glass of cold milk. I came across a new recipe just after Christmas that has quickly become my new favourite “go-to” cookie: the Pecan Sandie. It’s super fast to make, has a ton of pecans in it and is just so stinking GOOD.

I put the recipe up on my blog Fox + Hazel  to share with everyone. These will always be a standard in my cookie repetoire now. I haven’t given them to someone yet that hasn’t like them. Promise!