If you have just bought a new car, then your dealer must have provided you with beautiful window tints. However, when you are planning to tint your existing car windows, you must consider numerous factors before getting it installed

There are a plethora of varieties of tint films available, out of which selecting one of your choices is unquestionably challenging. Moreover, you need to check its quality, lifespan and various other factors.

Here are three major things you must check with every dealer while opting for car window tinting in Woodbridge.

1. Legal Limit

The first thing you should consider is the legally permissible limit of your area. For Virginia, the allowable limit is 50% for the front doors and 35% for the rear view and rear windshield. You must confirm with your installer about the percentage of tint film he provides before installation.  

2. Authorized Dealer

Choosing any local installer or supplier may not provide you good quality product and harm the glass of your windows as well at the time of detachment. Hence, you must opt for the authorized dealer in your area who provides with the branded products only. You can also go online to search for the best tint provider of your area.

For the people of Virginia, you are advised to visit Tintprosonline.com  for car window tinting in Woodbridge, who not only provides with the quality product but also offers the same at affordable rates.

3. Warranty

The tints ordinarily provide with the lifetime warranty. However, when you opt for local films, the chances of quality deterioration within a short span of time are high. Make sure to check the warranty details before installation of tint. Besides, you should not consider any warranty provided orally. Ask the dealer to provide it in writing.

There are endless things one should contemplate before installing the car window tint, however, if you have checked the factors mentioned above correctly, you will not get deceived for the quality of the film for sure.