Free WordPress themes are popular for their design and style. There are thousands of them that people choose from for their websites.

Themes help give a website its look and feel. But sometimes, things don’t work out the way you want them to. Some themes might cause glitches and might not help with the smooth functioning of a website.

In such cases, you might need support that you can find in WordPress support groups. Other times, you can identify and fix them yourself.

In this article, let’s talk about a few common free WordPress theme issues and how to fix them. You will be able to resolve minor issues yourself instead of hiring a developer for the same.

1.Homepage is Different than the One Displayed in the Demo

You know how certain products are advertised and then when you buy it, it looks nothing like how it was advertised. The same can happen with free WordPress themes .

This can happen with themes as well. Sometimes a theme will be projected in a way that it seems perfect for your website but when you get it for yourself, it looks nothing like expected.

To fix this problem, check if the settings are correct. Make sure that the reading option is “Your Newest Posts”. This should fix your display settings.

2. Changes Disappear When Free WordPress Themes is Updated

It’s a common thing to happen. Most people make changes to the theme and when the theme has to be updated it loses all the new changes. Never make any changes to the parent theme.

If you want to customize anything, use the child theme. A child theme is the parent theme’s reflection. All the changes and modifications are saved in it even when the parent theme goes through an update.

3. Stylesheet is Not Found

Without the stylesheet, the theme fails to install. You may feel cheated but there’s nothing to worry about. Simply find the theme’s folder and unzip it to open it.

More often than not, the stylesheet is found in a sub folder. Once you find it, zip it back with the other items and upload it through WordPress again.

4. The URLs are Long and Unattractive

The URL of a website may affect its SEO. As a result, the website may not show up on search pages. If the URL has letters, symbols, and numbers, it makes for an unattractive one.

If this has happened after you got your new theme, then there’s an easy way to fix it. Go to Settings and then to Permalinks.

Here you will find a selection of the way you want your URL to look like. Choose the one that will optimize your SEO and look attractive and hit the save button.

There are many other small glitches that free WordPress themes may come with. But there’s hardly anything that doesn’t have a resolution.

If the problem persists or if it is a more serious issue, you can reach out to the WordPress support groups on their official website for help.