So first off let me say I am prepping for a DIY wedding and I am lazy, hence why I picked what I believed to be a fairly simple pin. 

What the heck does warming mean on my oven? I don’t have that feature. Wait, I’m getting ahead  of myself. 

So I was trying to take a pretty little picture of how awesome all my assembled items looked together, but was distracted my by future hubby complaining about me working (read making a mess) in the kitchen. 

So as you can see I decided to skip the step of mixing the Mod Podge and food coloring in a separate bowl because I’m lazy and didn’t see the point. 

Oh, suddenly I see the point and the unmixed Mod Podge on the bottom. This also illustrated my ability to get crap EVERYWHERE. As my future hubby just informed me I also decorated the floor with it and my thumb. Opps. haha. 

Now it sits for 30 upside down for minutes as unused glue piles up, while I debate what “warm” as an oven temp actually translates to in degrees. I decided on my stoves default bake temperature which is 350 degrees. 

So it bakes for 10 minutes and I realize this simple pin is going to be a fail. So possibly 350 was too “warm”. I flipped it over anyways and set the timer for another 20 minutes. 

The end result after only 9 minutes is a sticky clear mason jar. That’s a fail ladies and gents, but it was worth it!

Lastly this is all brought to you by: Pintester Movement! The funniest lady on the internet who I am so happy had this movement so that I would try this pin, and my blogging skills. Thanks Sonja!