I did something crazy this weekend. I made David Chang’s ramen using his
Momofuku cookbook. It took me 9 hours of cooking, plus more to drive to
four different grocery stores to find all the ingredients. Worth it.

ramen 2-2

I discovered what I thought was ramen in junior high. I had a Japanese
neighbor, and we would make Top Ramen for a snack after school. Totally
healthy, right. Then in college, I discovered that mixing eggs into it
almost made a full dinner. So years later, when a friend of mine took me
to Mitsuwa to try ramen, I was dumbfounded. Until I took a bite. And
another. And wolfed down the ramen because it was nothing like
the Top Ramen I had in college. There was depth, flavor, and more than
two ingredients of Top Ramen-the noodles and the flavor packet. After
that day I became obsessed with ramen. In reading up about ramen, I of course came across the master that is David Chang. I loved his book from the clip I read on Amazon, and bought it that day. His book is almost more like a novel, with some badass recipes thrown in. I love that I got to make something so amazingly delicious myself. And that the recipe is from a restaurant that I now am adding to my Go Mighty list to try. You know, just to compare our ramen skills…..