In February when I was taking the trash out to the alley behind my house, I came across this awesome chair. The fabric was in rough shape-a cat had obviously made it his/her scratching post-but otherwise, it looked to be in decent condition. I dragged it inside and informed my husband, B, that I was going to reupholster it. I envisioned it only taking a long weekend or two before I would be sipping a cocktail and reading a book in my new chair. And maybe smoking a pipe, because that’s what fancy handsome chairs are for, right? 

It turns out this is not really just a weekend long process. Unless you have a dedicated workshop space or don’t have anything to do on the weekends. Okay, okay maybe you just have to be more dedicated than I was. But after taking out the 8 million staples and labeling the fabric pieces that I tore off the chair, I needed a break. Plus, I will admit, I was scared. I had never cut out or sewn pieces of fabric for a piece of furniture before, and I was afraid that when it was finished it would be saggy and full of holes and I would be heartbroken and have to start over. So I procrastinated. And then last weekend, I forced myself to sit down and just do it. I cut out the pieces of new fabric using the old fabric as templates. I sewed the edging onto the fabric (and only had to start over on one piece), and then laid all the pieces out to make sure I was ready to go.

I stretched the pieces of fabric over the back and seat part of the char. Pulling the fabric tight, I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the frame of the chair. Then I put the side panels on and pinned them into place. I began by stapling underneath the fabric (so the staples wouldn’t show), but eventually it got too difficult to fit the staple gun under the fabric and I put a few staples on the outside. I tried to place them as close to the edging as possible, so the staples would hopefully not be visible. After stapling on the back panel of the chair, and screwing the feet back in place, I was ready to test out my beautiful new chair.

It looks amazingly handsome and so far the fabric hasn’t ripped yet. Now all I need is a cocktail and a book. And maybe even a pipe.

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