In 2016, a new
decree has been issued by His Excellency Sheikh
Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
that amended previously established medical
examination system for new arrivals in the UAE whether for employment or

The new decree
touches Article 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 7 of 2008. The details are
outlined below;

Article No. 1 specifies
the application of preventive measures and procedures as per the resolution for
expatriates landing in the UAE for settlement without any prejudice. The
changes are directly applicable on visa medical process in Abu Dhabi as well so
it’s better to learn all about it before application.

Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIMS)

Under the Article No. 2, all those arriving in the
UAE for the purpose of residency would undergo medical examinations as laid by
in the amended decree. End result would determine grant or renewal of residency
according to a specific type of injury and examined categories.

Visa medical
process in Abu Dhabi as well as all over the UAE involves blood tests for the
determination of AIDS or HIV. Specialised government medical
centres along with a few private organisations set up proper collecting points
and lab environment for collection of the blood samples.

The test results
would determine whether or not one qualifies for fresh or renewal of residency
and work permit in the region.


In addition to
the above tests, blood samples are also collected to detect possibility of viral
hepatitis. The test is confined for newcomers in the UAE visiting the country
either to work or permanent settlement.

categories such as children nannies, domestic labours, housekeepers, superintendents
of nurseries and kindergartens who request for renewal of their residency are
subjected to the blood tests for Hepatitis
Type B
. On the contrary, those employed in the beauty salons, health clubs,
sanitation teams and other such public places would be examined for Hepatitis Type B and C.

The decision is
taken with mutual coordination of Minister
of Health
along with medical and health service providers. Any positive
outcomes of the results that indicate active traces of the disease wouldn’t be
considered for renewal or fresh visa.

The resolution
also concluded that applicants with negative blood test results of the above
diseases are to be vaccinated which is based on three doses after a certain
break. A certificate is provided as a proof for applicants on successfully
receiving the vaccinations.


Tuberculosis examination
is only limited to lung tuberculosis under
which new applicants are tested for pre-existing pulmonary or active
tuberculosis. Positive diagnosis is deemed unfit and thus applicants aren’t
awarded with residence or work visa.

In this
particular scenario, applicant(s) is being given a treatment by the department
of preventive medicine under direct order of the government. After the
treatment, patient is re-examined before qualifying for health fitness
certificate which is valid for a year after which the process is repeated.


medical process in Abu Dhabi
and across the UAE takes into account the
above procedure and tests before grant and renewal application is being