The skin on and
around the breast bosom when reddens, sores, turns flaky or scaly, it’s an
indication of Paget’s disease. At
initial stages, these symptoms come and go however; ignorance may worsen the
issue causing:

Pain and sensitivity

Tingling, itching and burning

Flattening of the bosom

A thickened and scaly skin

Blood or yellowish discharge
from the bosom

Since Paget’s disease of the bosom is rare,
it’s often mistaken for eczema or some other severe skin conditions. For many,
it can take several months to get a proper diagnosis but if you or anyone you
know have any of the above symptoms, do have them checked without delay. In
most cases, Paget’s affect just one
breast and positive diagnosis may lead to breast surgery in the UAE.

Surgery of
Paget with additional cancer

The type of
surgery required for Paget’s depends
on the level of underlying breast cancer. Besides removal of the bosom and
areola, surgeon needs extracting any sort of cancerous tumour from within.
While mastectomy has been a
traditional form of breast surgery in the UAE as well as around the world for Paget, there’re times when limited
surgery is just the option.

Breast-conserving surgery

This particular
procedure removes the bosom, areola and lumpectomy for the core cancer tumour. The
aim is to extract cancerous tissue alongside a healthy one from the surrounding
area just to make sure it hasn’t spread.

Surgeon is
likely to perform a sentinel node biopsy
that involves only the removal of lymph
or the nodes closest to the tumour to check additional cancer cells.
In case a patient’s suffering from Paget’s
disease of the bosom
followed by a small region of non-invasive cancer for instance,
Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), the
removal of areola/bosom and lumpectomy is likely to happen.


Another type of breast surgery
treatment in the UAE
is mastectomy
which is performed only if the underlying cancer is invasive thereby to reduce
the risk of spreading of the harmful cancerous cells. There’re times when
removal of the entire breast is the only option which is rare and in more
severe cases.

Preserving healthy
tissues can be difficult in some cases and surgeon has no choice but to extract
areola and the bosom alongside other cancerous regions within the breast. Mastectomy followed by reconstruction is
another option for women who wish achieving a more balanced contour.

Category or type
of mastectomy depends on level of the
cancer. Here’re a few details;

Simple/total mastectomy is the removal of breast without extracting the underarm lymph nodes
(axillary). A sentinel node biopsy is necessary just to check persisting cancer
cells in the surrounding tissue.

Modified radical mastectomy
is surgical removal of the breast along with a
few lymph nodes from under the arm.


More or less
five-percent of the patients diagnosed with Paget
have their cancer limited to the bosom with no traces of the disease
anywhere else in the breast. If anyone falls in this particular category,
lumpectomy for the removal of entire bosom and areola is necessary process of
breast surgery in the UAE.