I’ve been working out—started running again. I’m also doing Weight Watchers and I’ve lost 34. I’m doing this program with Weight Watchers
and it’s working.

Folks like to ask, “How” or
“What are your secrets?” and things like that. There is one primary

Follow these rules:

  1. Track what your choices.
  2. Build new habits.
  3. Change your environment.

It seems to me these three rules could apply to any goal you are trying to reach.

For me, even doing the first thing (tracking) is enough to see
results, the other two just make it easier. I will add two extra things
that are tremendously helpful for me: community and movement. By
attending meetings and making sure that I move more, I tend to keep
doing the other three rules without stress.

For whatever reason, my head space, my age, my motivators, the
program is working, and it’s almost effortless. At the end of every
meeting, our leader asks us to write one or two small things that we will try in the next
week to be healthier. It has to be so tiny that it’s ridiculous easy to
do. But all those tiny success add up fast, and before you know it,
you’re a success.