My Weight Watcher leader asks us to write a small change we’ll make each week. This week, here’s my pledge for small changes.

A list of small goals.

1. Track my good choices.
As inspired by the women behind, 450 Good Choices, I’m tracking my good choices here. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • #435: Changed the height of my desk to work standing and listened to awesome dance music:
  • #427: Sat still, doing nothing in the sun for 30 minutes.
  • #425: Ate a healthy lunch prepared at home instead of a pound of bacon. :)

2. Stop the pizza habit.
Ordering pizza was a bad habit that we had in Oak Harbor, but when we moved to Roosevelt Island we believed our favorite chain pizza place didn’t deliver. It was great, no more pizza, one of my biggest triggers for overeating. Then, about a month ago, we discovered they did indeed deliver. We were happy, and full of pizza shortly after that. Since then, we’ve had pizza once a week. Yikes. It’s a bad habit, once a month in moderation is okay, but it is just to easy to order and overeat that junk.

So, this week, no pizza. And so far, so good. Here’s my alternative for when I’m craving that particular flavor.

Pizza Tortilla – 7 points: Take 1 whole wheat low-fat tortilla, add 1 tbsp tomato sauce, turkey pepperoni and low-fat mozzarella cheese, melt it all together in the microwave, roll it up and eat it.

3. Write out goals and put them on the bathroom mirror.
I posted my two primary goals on the my mirror this morning.

  • Run a 10k in June (45 training days left)
  • Reach a new weight goal (19 pounds to go).

The idea is to put it right where I have to see it everyday. It helps to keep little reminders around. My activity monitor also really helps remind me of my goals.

4. Practice letting go of stress
I’m a stress eater. When things are getting to me, I tend to make rash decisions about my food choices. Like quickly downing a bag of chips. Or eating several cookies in a row. So, I’ve decided to find better ways to release my stress.

Especially, since moving to NYC. This city is fueled by stress. I am actively looking for opportunities to let it go. I spent some time sitting in the sun doing nothing this weekend. I’m also remembering to take my time when walking to work, instead of rushing about.

Music also helps my de-stressing efforts. Here are two new finds from Spotify that I’m listening to this week:

Last, I’ve photo-cataloged all of my past choices here. Maybe something here will inspire your small changes too.