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I’m thinking of making a sign that says, I CAN’T HELP YOU WHILE I’M DRIVING! My method of handling conflict in the car has generally been to crank up the music really loud until the kids forget why they were whining for a second.

So I was interested to see how it would go over with the under-8 crowd in my car when I turned off the radio and started to work on this goal to replace car tunes with audiobooks for a few weeks. I decided to start with and stick with the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events. They are exciting, vocab-rich, and mostly narrated by Tim Curry, which equals a major win in my book.

The votes are in and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back. Sure, I love a good car dance party (and my kids love rolling their eyes at me rocking out at stop lights), but there’s nothing like having everyone WANT to stay in the car to listen just a few minutes more before going into the house.

I feel good using driving time to fill their heads with words and ideas instead of top 40 hits. It was something easy to do–a simple change with, hopefully, a big impact.

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