I remember reading about Dance Dance Party Party in a BUST magazine when my oldest was just a baby. I so wanted someone to start one in my city because it just seemed like a totally brilliant idea. It’s just about ladies getting together and dancing. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve said after a fun night of dancing that it’s my favorite form of exercise! I need to do it more often, but I can’t stay up that late to dance in bars/clubs plus I’ve never loved any of the dance places in my city – just not my favorite dance music. And then it came up on my radar again this year, and the timing is perfect. Once again we have to remember that we can’t always wait for someone else to start something. The time is now, and I am the one starting it! I’ve contacted the HQ, and I’m even going to go and dance at my first DDPP when I visit Chicago next month. I hope to have DDPP Louisville up and running at the end of August or September of this year. The time has come…for us to boogie!