One of my greatest passions in life is working with kids. I spent all of my college years learning about and working with kids of all kinds. I was able to successfully complete my teaching credential a few years back, but had this itch to do something different. I have been a successful camp director for a well known non-profit scout group for a few years and recently was promoted as the person who over sees the entire day camp program. Being in this position has lit a fire in me! I know now more than ever that I want to start my very own day camp. I believe that kids need an outlet to explore, investigate, and discover new things. Summer camp is the place to do that. My goal is create a space where kids of all ages can come together to do those things with the philosophies of camp and theories of Montessori guiding them.

This is all still a plan in my head. My hope is to gather enough funds to purchase a space out of which to operate, and then open my doors!