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Go Mighty is for people who want to connect and collaborate to do something good for themselves and others.

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Our brand partnerships marry brands with goals that are complementary to their values. They’re structured to meet data-driven success metrics, provide opportunities for the Go Mighty community, and to do some good in the world as well. Here’s how.

Brands can support individuals or groups in working toward a goal that’s complementary to the brand’s values. The brand + Go Mighty users work to support one another around that common goal, and the wider community benefits through corporate charitable donations made when Go Mighty community members are successful.

Partners can choose to provide grants for individual’s goals, sponsor or establish common goals within the site, or work with a charity of their choosing around a particular initiative.

Our campaigns provide brands with access to a community of online voices, tying your message to personal journeys and achievements. If you’re interested in partnering with us, email info@gomighty.com and we’ll talk about how we can customize a program for you.

Please note, brand support or sponsorship of a member’s Go Mighty goal should be done in partnership with Team Mighty.