It was so easy for me to say I wanted to decorate my bedroom, but when I got thinking of just how I wanted it to look? I was rather at a loss. I like a lot of varying styles. All white rooms always draw attention. Maybe it is because in raising six children white was the very last color I ever would have dared. But I like the serenity of it, and the idea that I could add whatever I wanted, as long as it was white, so I wouldn’t be limited by the style of something, merely the color.

But the gypsy in me is drawn to the bohemian, the deep rich colors and overabundance. And the girl in me that grew up in the 70′s loves retro. 

So I did what any sane person would do, and started a pinboard for bedroom ideas. Now when anything catches my eye I pin it to the bedroom makeover board. I am hoping that a look will start to emerge. One that I can turn into my perfect haven. One that will fit me perfectly.

I already ditched the LED clock after reading an article about how LED’s can disrupt your sleep patterns, and found the absolutely perfect clock to replace it with, a retro pink beauty whose steady tick tock will lull me to sleep at night. 

In case you are interested, here is my pinboard: