Even if there’s nothing that you have done to improve the security of your website, you are probably aware of some popular tactics. You might have also heard of one or two supplements, well today we are talking about these. 

This article focuses on the ways the administrator can guarantee to improve the security, more specifically we will discuss all the ways which are never discussed. We will also speak on SEO WordPress themes and what are their uses for security. Because maintaining security is very important.

Limit user access

Limiting user access to the WordPress website is a very crucial task when you make all your contributors administrator it seems like you are just asking for more trouble. There are many who are unaware of the way SEO works and thus they will not be able to make your content search engine optimised by using SEO WordPress theme which will also decrease the number of traffic that you receive every day. The golden rule is to grant access to only those who are in need of it and also additionally giving them the permission just to complete the task assigned.

Backup your site

While speaking about backing up your site, many think that you need to back it up every now and then whereas it is not like that, there must be a proper and regular schedule for doing it. Scheduled backups are crucial and play an essential part in maintaining the security of any site as it ensures that your site is compromised and it can also be restored with a pre-corruption. You must also back up your SEO WordPress theme as it enables you to go back to the previous theme whenever you want. Automated solutions like BlogVault, VaultPress, BackupBuddy or even WordPress Backup to Dropbox makes the process even simpler.

Check the theme authenticity and also conduct security scans

Similar to installing antivirus software on your computer for checking the presence of malware, it is advisable to install a WordPress scanner for checking that your WordPress theme  is authentic. The scanner is able to check any malicious code which might be present plugins and code files to ensures that nothing gets tempered.

Don’t download free versions of premium plugins

Though it is fully understood that for a business person it is very crucial to stay within a budget but it is totally a bad idea to try out premium plugins for free from any other location than the official one and installing them on your SEO WordPress theme.

However, it is equally useless to download pirated add-ons, legitimate charges are also corrupted by malware when are available at illegal download websites. Which means the one which was an excellent premium supplement having an excellent code is now a direct line that hackers can use to access your site.

Consider original core update

As we already know the importance of upgrading WordPress installation every time when a new one released. Even most importantly, if you are using an earlier version, all the security flaws in it are known to all. Which also means that hackers are also having this information and thus can easily use it for attacking your site. 

Protecting a WordPress site is much more than installing a security plug-in and leaving it. There are subtle nuances that complete a complete strategy. Some of the ones I would have known before, but I hope some are new discoveries. Sometimes the simple things you have not yet thought about making a difference between a mediocre strategy and a good security strategy.