Thirty three years.

That’s a long time to be in love. And that’s how long I’ve
been in love with the Rolling Stones. I grew up in more of a “Beatles” house,
so I didn’t discover the Stones till I was about 15. And I’ve been hooked ever

I have always wanted to see them perform live, but there was
always some reason why it never happened. Usually it was money, logistics or
sheer unavailability of tickets.

But there were other excuses too. Like, I really didn’t want to
see them in a large football stadium or arena. Watching the concert on a large
screen while they were playing live right there was not for me. And then, after
a while, I convinced myself that I was too old to go to a rock concert anyway,
and made my peace with the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be.

And, not surprisingly, as time passed I stopped listening to
their music as much as I used to.

Then I read that they were going to be performing live in the
new basketball stadium that had just opened up in Brooklyn.

It was their 50th anniversary tour. I was turning 50
next year.

Something told me that this was my time.

So I sent an e-mail to Mike, with the link and this note: “Best 50th birthday gift EVER?”.

 And he did it.

And for 3 hours last weekend I watched my boys rock the house.
And it was awesome. Magical. A dream come true. And I let myself remember how
much I love this band, and how much their music has been a part of my being –
my DNA – my soul – for more than half my life.

And I’ve been rocking “Exile on Main Street” – in my minivan –
nonstop since.