Do you know which of the schools in the UK are best when it comes to studying medicine? If not, read below to find out about them.


The medical schools in the UK are notorious because of the intensive competition and soaring high entry standards. But there is no denying that they stand as the most prestigious institutions in the world and can surpass any quality school from any part of the globe when it comes to ranking and providing quality education.

In 2014 alone, around 97,800 hopeful candidates applied with every 10 applicants competing to get one seat. Here are the top medical universities in the UK that are renowned around the globe for producing some great doctors and medical specialists:

10. Keele University

Only Oxford University ranks higher in student satisfaction than Keele University. Although the entry standards are the lowest out of the top 10 schools, still a perfect score of 100 is to be maintained by the entry prospects. The university holds pride in the Keele Community First Responders which were founded in 2008 by the medical students and is now a team of 20 students who provide medical coverage to the local community at every hour.

9. Newcastle University

Founded in 1834, the Newcastle Medical School is the only English University which started out solely as a medical school. Since its foundation, the school has changed a lot and now, it even has an international campus in Malaysia. The courses offered at both the local and the international campuses are quite often identical. The applicants who wish to attend this school need to be over-qualified to meet all the requirements.

8. University of Glasgow

It is one of the five medical schools in Scotland and lies amongst the largest medical schools in Europe. The University of Glasgow, like many other universities in the top 10, boasts 100 percent employment prospects. According to the National Student Survey of 2014, the school had displayed improvement in a number of sections with dentistry and nursing maintaining the top positions.

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7. University of Edinburgh

With over 14 applicants fighting for one seat, this university is definitely one of the most competitive medical schools when it comes to gaining an entry in. The overseas students face a greater challenge as the competition is 41 applicants per seat. Starting from the year 2016-2017, Edinburgh is set to start a new six-year program MBChB which will enable the students to focus on more research during their studies.

6. Queen Mary, University of London

According to Unistats, the MBBS program at the Queen Mary, University of London has one of the top student satisfaction rates. Around 94 percent of the students are pretty much satisfied with their studies and the way things go on in the university. A unique opportunity is also being provided to the students from the start of 2016 by offering them a 5-year MBBS program which will open new prospects for them.

5. Imperial College London

The true focus of this college are the sciences, business, and engineering so this is not a surprise to find it in the top 10. Students who graduate from the 6-year program have a number of employment opportunities waiting for them. All the students from the class of 2013 were successfully placed in great jobs. The faculty is impeccable with the student-teacher ratio being 7:1 as the university employees around 1500 academic and research staff.

4. University College London (UCL)

UCL can proudly boast claim to 6 Nobel laureates. The competition to enter this university is fierce and the research center is termed as one of the best in the world. Around 80% of the medical school research is termed as “internationally excellent” as per the Research Excellence Framework.

3. Cardiff University

There are only two medical schools in Wales and one of them is Cardiff University. The employment prospects are remarkable as Complete University Guide gives it the perfect 100 score. It is one of the largest schools in the UK and was founded in 1893. They have more than 3,000 students enrolled and they just revitalized their medical program in 2014 with the launch of the new MBBCh.

2. University of Cambridge

It shares the top spot with Oxford University and has the highest entry standards as compared to other medical courses. Only the very best students can make it through because the competition is intense and the number of seats is limited.

1. University of Oxford

This is the best school when it comes to student satisfaction and has been teaching medicine as early as 13th century. In 2014, only 11 percent applicants were successful with a total intake of only 152 students by the university. 

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