You will often see offers on social media or Google that may seem attractive in the beginning, as they exhibit not only affordable rates but good services as well. What you don’t see along those big shiny words are limitations and conditions written in an extremely small font. These cheap deals are usually either be short-term or are dependent on numerous conditions.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you get a good deal. Often times, you’re going to settle for a deal that may just cost you a lot in the long run. For example, if you are going to buy a single play deal, you would not care about other options that you may get if you go for triple play deals. Later, you will end up making several calls to make adjustments with the three separate services that you got yourself into. It will take a lot of time, and you still won’t have the convenience that you looked for yourself.

In this article, we will examine the disadvantages of a cheap service. We will also discuss why one should not settle for them, along with the suggestions one should consider.

Time Consuming

Most of the cheapest deals hide their actual functioning and the limitations that come with them. Momentarily, you will find yourself all excited and interested, because not only does it promise to be cost-effective, but also reliability.

But once you take up the offer and spend some months with it, you realize the trouble you got yourself into. It does not meet your needs. The reason is simple: marketers and merchandisers know that most of the population falls prey to glitter. It is simply their strategy to make you realize your need and have you demand more. It’s their smart strategy to get customers. 


As mentioned before, services offering cheap deals make you think you are taking up inexpensive offers, but in the long run, you pay much more than you thought you would. For example, you buy a cellphone that is cheap and works just the way other phones work, except that its lifetime warranty is indefinite. You spend months with the phone and give yourself a pat on the back, thinking that this time you made the right choice. But after a year or so, it starts acting up. Now you’re looking for a new phone again, while your friend who bought an expensive phone is still enjoying theirs. You worry about having all the data transferred to your new phone, and at the same time, you have to go through the hassle of getting a new one. It costs you double the price you paid for your cheap phone.

The point is one should never settle for a cheap offer. If you look at Spectrum internet packages, you will find a variety of them that you can order. You have to be very wise when you pick one. Look for the one that suits your requirements, not your wallet.


Undoubtedly, you will open a plethora of inconveniences once you get yourself a bad deal. Not only will you have to make multiple calls to the service providers as you get into problems, you will also lose time and comfort after days of struggle. You do not want to use your free time fixing these petty issues. Better get an offer that lasts for long, is reliable, and meets your needs.

Quality vs. Quantity

Only in some cases can you rely on the quantity factor of a service you are trying to buy. But in most cases, always go for the quality. Quality typically indicates durability, which means you will not lose money and that you are going to save your time, as well. The best thing about seeking good quality is that you enjoy using the things you buy. You don’t do something for merely the sake of its function.