It might not look like much, but I’ve been waiting to purchase these items for a long, long time. When I first moved away from home, Habitat was one of the “if I can buy things from here I will deem myself a successful adult” stores. Things I couldn’t possibly afford when I was a student, and definitely definitely couldn’t afford when I was slowly drowning in debt after I left university.

I’d describe it as an upmarket, more expensive IKEA – beautiful products, well made, high price tag. When the physical stores folded in the UK I mourned the loss of this goal – how was I ever going to complete it now? Luckily for me the online store stayed open and I managed to snag both these items in the sale and with a further 15% off. Score!

I don’t need a new cushion, I don’t need a darling yellow tray. (I should actually be spending my money on wildly boring things like power tools, trim and nails. Yawn). So, I am considering this goal ticked – you’ve no idea how happy I am right now. I’m a successful adult, you guys!