Give some love, get some love. Here’s the how.

Go Mighty, along with the clever folk at RedEnvelope and ALT Summit are preparing to prove this right. That love begets love, and makes stuff happen.

But first to my goal: taking a blog-wanting friend to ALT Summit and helping to make her feel part of the gang. I love bloggers and all they represent; you are all pretty much the future of publishing. This is so much so for me that I started a business called Blogstar just so I could do better at helping bloggers do better.

It only gets better than that when I find out that someone I already adore wants to join the interwebs. I’m all like, oh, let me come with you.

First stop for us has to be ALT. After I first attended ALT three years ago I returned to my day job and looked around and thought, I want to live in ALT land. The creativity; the possibility; the forward thinking, and problem solving for the purpose of discovery, all seemed as effortless as an untidy bun.

Here’s what happened when I went again, the following year. Discovery! Experiences! Delight!

And now it’s year three and I’m heading to SLC as part of a Mighty team who I couldn’t be without, and we’re throwing a Friday nighty party at ALT Summit together with RedEnvelope to celebrate the love that bloggers unashamedly have for one another. It’s titled #CrushOnYou. We’re inviting attendees and speakers to share, via super sweet hearts that will be pinned to something I can’t talk about, their blog crush. Pin a heart, receive a gift. Be named as a crush, and maybe you too will receive a gift. All thanks to RedEnvelope.

And my blog-wanting friend will be with me, first soaking up all that ALT-ness and then manning the gift bag table where you will come to collect your pin (and gift) so you can give some love and get some love.

Will I see you there? I hope so.

Read more about our #CrushOnYou party from Amber.