This is me and Hilary, my (maybe) blog-wanting friend who came to ALT Summit 2013 with the Go Mighty team so she could see if blogging was for her. 

Blogging often comes about because you learn how to use the tools that allow you to blog. And then there are talents, such as Hilary, who have the goods you should all know about, but not necessarily the tech know-how to tell you.

I asked Hilary how her first session went at ALT Summit. All she could remember was that she would need a Twitter spreadsheet. Hilary is no more Twitter or spreadsheet than I am the talented Hilary. It’s like telling a pre-pregnant woman she will need a secret place to hide her make-up once her daughter becomes a teen because Lucy she will believe it is as much hers as anyones.

I haven’t gotten the full debrief from Hilary about her (maybe) blogging plans since we got back from ALT, but I have a feeling it all felt like a lot of Work. Which is a shame because blogging used to feel like a lot of fun, in the early days, or last week.

Aside from what Hilary took away from her time at ALT Summit, I left with the feeling there is a mid-blog-crisis affecting Blogospherians, and I would like to do something about that. I’m going to start with a workshop I am running for Scripps folks in February. 

If you are asking how this post started with Hilary and ALT Summit and ended up on me and Scripps, that’s just blogging. You can do whatever you want, Twitter spreadsheet or no Twitter spreadsheet.