It feels like only a minute ago that I was making all of the babies blankets in anticipation of their birth, and now they are all approaching a year old and it’s time for their capes.

My friend Niko, who just turned three, got my first cape for his first birthday. People were a little confused that it was coming for his first birthday, when he was only just learning to walk, but I was working on a theory. I thought that it might be a better idea to give them capes before they knew what capes were, so that they were always a part of their wardrobe. So that they always knew that they were superheroes, so that they never had to ask. So that they always knew that we believed that they were superheroes. It would always be right there in front of them. 

Every time a picture of the little guy in his cape pops up on social networking, it makes me happy–he wears it often, just as I intended, whenever he feels like being a superhero. Now the babies are turning one, starting with Ozzie, and now I have started making their capes. But I have been thinking. My rare spare sewing time is usually spent working on patchwork blankets for Project Linus, but maybe it’s time to start working on charity capes too. It’s not just my friends who should get to feel like superheroes.