Making at home always give us enthusiasms when we plan to make something innovative or try something from scratch too. Trying something from common recipe doesn’t mean you can’t make something delicious out of it. Now you can as privilege you with an innovative and healthy recipe that you can try by sitting at home.

Now no need to wonder for an extra ingredient for enhancing your recipe rather make it simply mouthwatering. Here is the healthy banana cake recipe you can try but don’t get suspicious regarding its taste as it will provide you pleasure too-:


·½ cup olive oil

·½ cup brown sugar

·½ cup powdered sugar

·2 large egg

·1 mashed banana

·1 tsp. vanilla extract

·2 cup flour

·1tsp. baking soda

·½ cup melted butter

·½ cup chopped almonds 

Method to prepare the cake for liquid mixture

·Take a large bowl, add the olive oil, sugar, and egg.

·Use the hand mixer or else beat vigorously by hand even.

·Now add the other egg in the same mixture and keep beating until the yellow yolk gets disappeared.

·Now add the mashed banana and vanilla extract into it.

·Make a smooth and fine smoothie and let it get fluffier.

Method to prepare the cake for dried mixture

·Take a large bowl, add the flour into it.

·Now mix the baking soda with salt into it.

·Sift the flour well by mixing all mixture together.

·Now add the extra butter and chopped almond into it and sift again.

·Gradually add the liquid mixture to this mixture and make a fine paste.

·Now mix all liquid and dried ingredient precisely and make a smooth paste.

·Take a 9-inch pan and oil it.

·Bake for 30 minutes and once get baked put it outside on wire rack for cooling.

Frosting preparation for cake

After all this, you need to make a frosting for decorating your cake and make it a bit appealing so you may prepare it quickly or get a frosted cake by same day cake delivery in Noida and enjoy the fluffier cake on the doorstep.

Ingredient or frosting

·½ cup brown sugar

·½ cup melted butter

·½ cup almond milk

·1 cup granulated sugar

·1 tsp. vanilla extract

Method to prepare

·Take a large bowl, add the brown sugar with melted butter.

·Add the almond milk and use the hand mixer to make a fine paste.

·Gradually beating this mixture add the granulated sugar and slowly mix on medium speed.

·Either you may boil it for a minute or use it directly for cake.

·Now keep this smoothie in the fridge for cooling and once get cooler spread it over the cake.

·Make a layer with knife or designer spatula as you want to design.

·You may also add a touch of whipped cream to it by making the second layer with whipped white cream.

So this is how you can make an easy cake by sitting at home, use the oven to prepare the cake rest is simpler as you can’t even imagine or have fun by adding a healthy banana cake on your doorstep.