This is us being funny.

I asked two friends who are YES YES people to help me with a dorky project. We looked at our groups of friends and tried to find those that are positive, action oriented, or needed a jump start for things they’ve always wanted to do.

We used the MIGHTY SUMMIT structure and challenged about 40 friends to write a list of 25 things they want to do and select 5 for this year.

Some predictably declined — it’s hard to focus, take time for you, be honest, or add another list to your life. Not to mention talking about hopes and dreams with relative strangers.

But about 30 jumped in. And we encouraged them to bring a +1 so there were even more new faces. A few bailed last minute or had other things come up. But almost everybody that came brought a crazy honest attitude and several loaves of bread or bottles of wine.

We put a small agenda together:
1) intros – what’s one awesome thing you’ve already done (defended my dissertation, traveled to 26 countries, landed my dream job)

2) We forced mingling with some 8-minute break out groups that asked people to divide their25 goals into categories:
¨ Skill + Physical Feats + Accomplishment

¨ Creativity + Pretty

¨ Relationship + Communication

¨ Travel + Education

¨ Money + Career + Give Back

We supplied questions to start the conversation: why now? What’s stopping you? Why this?

THEN we took a break so we could eat and drink more. THEN we had a lighting round and everyone announced their top five goals for this year — some which were added and changed in the last hour. THEN we made lists of all those commonalities – Spanish and French speaking skills, running, biking, sewing, $$$, website building, writing, and of course, a trip to the 24 hour Korean spa in the suburbs of Chicago. THEN we went around one more time and said what we were most excited about doing next, and what we could do to help others (thanks to those +1s, we had finance and interior design experts in the room. The gasps were audible). SO great.

Then we took group photos and I told people to laugh like I said something funny. Then I made a giant list of all those things we agreed to do together. And that’s where we are now.

We’ll hopefully picnic together this summer. So excited I had two friends to help me do this and bring their new friends together.