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Oh boy. As I sit here developing my “lesson plan” to tackle my next goal, I am listening to the karaoke version of Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. Did you know that you can look up the karaoke version of nearly any song using Spotify? It’s pretty sweet.

Though I don’t plan to be a stickler for accuracy, I’ve also googled a set of lyrics for reference.

Why this song?

There are a few reasons that I love this song but they swirl around together in no particular order and become a song from my life that I want to share with my kids:

  1. Love. I walked down the aisle to this song at my wedding. It is lovely and happy.
  2. George is the best Beatle. I felt so strongly on this point that I created an independent study class about George in college and also tried unsuccessfully to meet him.
  3. They already know Yellow Submarine. I should say that they know their kiddo version of it, and even the two year-old can sing some version of Purple Tangerine and other silly rhymes.

What’s next?

As I ride in the car with my two year-old, I play down the Spotify playlist above. “What’s this song?” he asks me three times. I tell him, “Here Comes the Sun.” When the next version of the song plays, he asks again three times. Each time I tell him the same thing. After the calypso version, I ask him right back, “What’s this song, Sawyer?” and then he tells me. We’re making progress.

Why is it good for their brains?

Quality interactions like these and a gajillion others in which we ask and answer each other’s questions build strong connections in my sons’ brains. Singing to each other is also terrific for building memory and memories (See what I did there?).

I’m not sure what I can get out of them musically, but I do believe the important part is making the effort and having fun together. We have a long weekend to spend together, and I hope we will be singing! A little sunshine would also help.