I suppose that the point of a garden is that its never really finished. Soon, it will provide us fruits and vegetables to eat and then it just keeps growing! If all goes well, it might even begin again next year. But most of the hard, sweaty, back-aching work is complete and we have planted several wonderful crops in our own backyard — yay!

I told you already about our mini-orchard : lemon tree, pear tree, and apple tree that makes FOUR DIFFERENT KINDS OF APPLE.

I also planted a few other goodies for the children to grab and eat:

Strawberries and cherry tomatoes in pots (so they won’t have to wait forever for them to turn big!):

A teepee made of runner beans:

Each day, my children and I will visit our plants, water them, tend to them, and eventually hide in their shade. I’m so delighted that we created this edible garden together! Goal — of creating a fun and functional green space  — achieved!

I’d love any tips you have for keeping the greening going? Are you a gardener or wannabe like me? Please help!

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