Once you’ve got your 5-point program going as a skeleton for your article, you’re on your way to becoming an article writer. It’s that easy. Fleshing out your points and extending it to fill a page means you’ve got your article. But you can do more. You can raise it from something functional to something that people will feel good reading. How do you do that? By putting a bit of style into your article critique , just go sentence by sentence and see if you can say it better! 

Here are a few tips to make your article rise above the purely functional. Don’t let every sentence be a statement. Spice it up with a question sometimes. For example, instead of “Choosing golf clubs can be a lengthy business”, you could say “Have you any idea how long it takes to choose a golf club when you don’t know how?” Somehow, from keeping a reader at arm’s length, a question used right can draw the reader in. 

The other thing that draws readers in is when you invite them to look at something. For example, beginning a sentence with: Take a look at this….. or Look more closely at this and you will see that, or perhaps, Just consider these figures/numbers/advantages/. Suddenly you add a personalized touch to the article and involve the reader rather than give him boring information.