Signed up for a 21 day Yoga workshop that includes 4 Saturdays of workshops classes and unlimited yoga for 21 days.  While I know my schedule we keep from going to yoga classes every day I have set a goal of either running or attending a yoga class 6 days a week.

The workshop is also incorporating a detox.  The suggestion is no alcohol, no sugar (added sugar), and no gluten.  I’ve decided to follow the no alcohol and no sugar parts as I currently try to eat a high fiber diet which consists of a lot of whole wheat and whole grains. Not to mention since I’m not sensitive to gluten or wheat and have not been diagnosed  with Celiac disease I don’t think the potential benefit for me really out weigh the hassle and expense associated with transitioning my diet for 21 days.

I’m really excited and hope there 21 days reinvigorate me and not mention give me a jump start to looking good this summer!