I stumbled onto greatness with this appointment! My earliest eligibility to give for the third time this year (eight weeks after I last gave) coincided with an Angels vs. Dodgers drive. (The Angels and Dodgers are baseball teams in Anaheim and Los Angeles – they’re about 45 minutes apart, but not actually rivals. I think the Red Cross loves this kind of drive opportunity – competition without animosity.) 

(Both bandages pictured – the big red one from giving, the small Band-Aid on my middle finger from the iron test required to donate.)

I got all the usual perks this time:

…plus free tickets to an Angels game and a sweet t-shirt. I let the volunteer at check-out feel like she really won me over when I signed up on the spot for my fourth donation in August.

(If you’re thinking about donating, it takes less than an hour and hurts way less than you think – I’ll bet there’s even a blood drive near you.)