I don’t have many childhood memories of my mom putting on makeup. She kept it in a small basket in a shallow drawer – only a few essentials; mascara, eyeliner, one shade of eyeshadow – and I never got the sense that wearing it was very important to her. I do, however, have lots of memories of my mom washing and moisturizing her face and neck. She let me stand next to her at the sink, and put tiny dollops of cleanser and lotion into my palm to do as she did, always explaining how important daily sunscreen and lotion were and what a difference they would make if I made them routine when I was young. She’s the reason I was never ashamed of my fair skin, never went tanning with my friends; I give her credit when people compliment my complexion, and I still keep an Olay product in my skincare regimen, because the smell reminds me of home.

I crocheted these little scrubbies from cotton yarn – they’re like cotton rounds, but more absorbent, and washable and reusable.

And what’s that you ask? Where did I get that cunning little jar? Why, that’s a re-purposed candle jar, aren’t you sweet to notice. Since I was already out to generate less trash, I froze a burned-down glass candle, broke the residual wax out of the bottom (it shrinks and breaks more easily when it’s cold), and cleaned the glass with Goo-Gone and Windex. Boom – Mom gets a good-for-you-good-for-the-planet double-whammy.

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