My friend Jeb loves caramel apples. We talked about it once in January, how we both like the family of food which is really only available at county fairs, and how caramel apples are uncontested at the apex of that pyramid. However, Jeb also hates sticky things. Like, whoa, does he hate sticky things. You can really only eat a caramel apple as it’s meant to be eaten if you’re willing to get caramel all over your face, and Jeb is not – so no caramel apples for Jeb for a tragic many years.

For Jeb’s birthday, I gave him a sticky-free caramel apple experience: caramel apple wedges.

It was silly easy. Just melt a bag of Werther’s caramels in a double-broiler (or, as I like to call mine, “a saucepan sitting in a skillet full of water”), poke toothpicks into the bottom of apple slices (which you can buy pre-cut), and heartily dip the slices in the pot of caramel. Chill, package, and voila – Jeb gets back the taste of childhood. #imadethis #birthdaysftw #lickthespoon