My niece Haley is 15, and y’all, she is cool. She wears every kind of accessory well, she’s the one her friends ask about the newest music, and I think I know why. She doesn’t spend any time worrying about haters; she truly whips her hair back and forth. (She has amazing hair that goes down to her waist.) She is also funny and kind, and lets me lay various kinds of knowledge on her when we see each other. Sometimes I’m like “Haley, can you even believe that One Direction single?” and other times I’m like “Haley, let’s talk about your college research process.” She’s equally tolerant of both. 

Anyway. All of the above to say, I made her a cabled headband-cum-earmuff for Christmas (from yarn I spun myself!), and in the greatest compliment I’ve yet received, a couple hours after she opened it, I saw her standing in front of a mirror arranging it over her luscious locks and heard her mutter to herself, “This is, like, really cute.” #coolauntftw