When I kicked off this goal, fellow Mighty Go-er Rachel Vogus made a smart distinction – that she wanted to give herself the freedom to call an audible when she couldn’t get through a book, and donate it anyway. I’m taking that advice – it was freeing to decide I could be done, and to send these two on to their next (I hope happier) life. 

Walter Isaacson – the author of Steve Jobs – is a genius, and this book is fairly, insightfully, and entertainingly written. (It is also fun-ly narrated by Dylan Baker, if you get the audio version, as I did.) However, the biggest business and management takeaways seemed to be “Make your products excellent” and “Populate your teams with really talented people” – be ye not surprised – and I found the discussion of Jobs’ difficult personality frustrating and exhausting.

Ah, Mittens. I barely knew thee, and that was already enough. 

I bought this book early in the 2012 presidential campaign, when Romney was still only a Republican contender and I wanted to understand him better; this book didn’t turn out to be how I got around to that. If he does ultimately have a political career in a geography relevant to me, I suspect he’ll have written another book by then. While I didn’t read it, this book gave me something important. Namely, a motivational nonsense phrase of a title – shouting “NO APOLOGY – BELIEVE IN AMERICA” has become better than RedBull for perking up a low-energy workout.