Things I learned on this hike:

1. 50 miles in a day is a lot to ask of your body. Before you do this, try to, like sleep? And maybe not so much with the pubs the night before?

2. I don’t enjoy hiking alone. I’ve always thought that because I enjoy companionable silence on long walks with friends and family, I’d enjoy long walks alone in the wilderness. I did parts of this trail by myself (namely, the parts when my friends dared each other to run some sections, and I said an immediate and cheerful no thanks to that idea), and was bored within minutes. I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts – I want my time outside to do double-duty as relational time as well. 

3. Beer at the end of a long walk is better than at the end of al long run. Races that offer this have always seemed ridiculous to me, but I think the difference is wanting a cold beer after a sprint to the finish vs. wanting a cold beer at the end of a long stroll with some hikes intermingled.