Step 1 – Research

Oh this part was so much fun. There were a lot of different style directions I could have gone but I kept coming back to the two gates below. I love how simple they are. My garden is an eclectic mix of native plants and found objects and I wanted that to be reflected in the gate and entrance. I like that the gates are repurposed doors.

After deciding on the style, I approached my super handy dandy friend Adam to see if he would be my goto fence building guru. With his “I’m in”, we started the next step… the measuring and supply list.

My inspiration board on Pinterest: Garden Gates

Step 2 – The Specs

This part required me to dust off the math sections of my brain. Oy.

In order for me to grasp something, I often need to see it drawn out, so I started with a diagram that I drew in Illustrator.

Next I created a supply list on a sheet of paper using a local hardware store’s supply and price list. The most challenging part of this is trying to anticipate all the stuff I will need and not having the experience to know for sure. Adam has been a great help in this area!

Step 3 – Build It!

The plan is to start in the next couple of weeks on the construction. I can’t wait. Below is my current gate. It was functional and worked for us for about nine years but I’m ready to add a little personality and create an entrance to my happy little garden.


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