We have 80 dolls in the guest room now. 

It’s enough that, when people come over, I feel like I need to explain what’s going on so they don’t think I’m one of those people who stays up ordering things from QVC all night. But so far, everyone’s been really into the idea – even my nieces, who are 2 and 4. 

You wouldn’t think kids that young would understand the idea of buying toys to give them away, but the last time I visited, my sister said they had a surprise for me, and the girls came running out with two new dolls. 

And they actually handed them over! 

That’s major for toddlers. 

But the biggest surprise came when I got a message from another Go Mighty member, Liz Stiverson, volunteering to send dolls to help me reach my goal. Her generosity has inspired me to search out other Go Mighty members and offer my help. (And, Liz, when you’re ready to make those croissants, I’m your huckleberry.)