When I originally wrote down “Get the Most Out of a Summer Thunderstorm,” I was thinking about watching the lightning or taking a nap or dancing. Then I went to see Neil Gaiman do a talk and reading from “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.”

There’d been one quick rain shower on our way there, but once he started talking, you could hear the thunder rumbling outside. He said he’d marked a section in the book to read just in case there was a storm, and he couldn’t pass up this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. So, he read, and we listened, and the thunder clapped in just the right places.

I hope someone tipped the sky, because it was magical.

Afterwards, on the way to the car, I noticed all of the gorgeous colors above us, and I took this photo. It was like staring into Bob Ross’s soul.

Summer thunderstorm? Check.

This goal is one of my 2013 Summer Resolutions, written as part of Go Mighty’s #gosummer challenge. Click here to see my full list.