Spring, you flirtatious little minx. You never stay nearly long enough. So, let us make the most of our brief time together, before you leave and I’m stuck dealing with boob sweat and skeeters ’til Halloween.

This spring, I resolve to:

  1. Open the windows every chance I get. (ONGOING.) 
  2. Learn how to ride my bike. (IN PROGRESS.) 
  3. Bring some yellow into the house. (DONE! 5/1) 
  4. Spend an afternoon lounging on a blanket in the grass. (DONE! 4/20) 
  5. Read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. (DONE! 4/22)
  6. Set aside a rainy afternoon to (finally) see Amélie. (DONE! 5/2) 
  7. Make a grown-up Easter basket. (DONE! 4/18) 
  8. Keep fresh flowers in the house. (DONE! And ongoing.) 
  9. Finish my Whole30. (DONE! 4/10)
  10. Take a road trip to the Smoky Mountains to see the wildflowers. (DONE! 4/23)