As soon as I read that this week’s Go Mighty challenge was to “give yourself an hour to learn something new,” I knew exactly what I wanted to tackle. 

Learning how to ride a bike. 

My dad tried to teach me once when I was a kid, on a secondhand boys’ bike that was way too tall. My feet couldn’t touch the ground on it, so every time I lost my balance, I’d fall with my legs tangled in the bike. And there my little sister would be, on her little red girls’ bike, riding circles around me. Literally. 

What a turd. 

So I quit. I went in the house, picked up a book and decided I was NOT a bike person. 

A few months ago, my husband got a bike and started riding in the park, first with one friend, then two, and now a group of them ride at different parks together, and I started wishing I could ride, too. 

So, for this week’s Get Schooled challenge, I took a deep breath and ordered myself a bicycle (the one above) and helmet (safety first), and I waited like a 10-year-old for it to be delivered. 

As soon as Jeff put it together, I got started on Hour One. Just trying to jump on the seat felt really weird at first, but I got that down and then mastered the art of getting both feet on the pedals AT THE SAME TIME. 

It’s something most cyclers don’t even have to think about, but I really had to fight to take that second foot off the ground at first.

When I was ready to start pedaling, Jeff helped me keep my balance that first couple of feet. My legs ached from clenching so hard, out of fear and fighting to stay upright, but I worked up from almost immediately freaking out to being able to pedal – one foot, then two, then a yard. 

Riding that few feet from the living room to the kitchen sink? Completely terrifying. And exhilarating. 

I just thought, I’m doing this! 

And, Hey, don’t fall! 

I can’t believe I’m actually going to get this. 

One hour down.